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NOVA:The New Orleans Voice-over Agency is a subsidiary of Louisiana-based  Actors Choice Talent Agency and provides the crème de la crème of professional voice-over talent from the region known as Hollywood South (Louisiana and Mississippi) - and to clients across the North American Continent and around the world. 


Many of our voice actors, as well as the Agency itself,  even have their own sound studio, so you can be assured of a service that is of the highest quality and of the utmost immediacy, whenever necessary.


NOVA also provides a specialist service to the television and radio, film, video games, and social media production industries, as well as direct to companies and organizations; matching the wealth of professional and experienced voice talent with the requirements and demands of clients from across North America and around the world.


The Agency was formed in 2010 by prolific voice-over talent and award-winning coach Stephen James, in response to several requests from talent and prospective clients. Since then, the Agency has developed as one of THE NATION's go-to resource for the talent pool in the Southern states - not only for regional accents but also for general American talent - all resident in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Many of the voice-over demos on the Agency's site have been produced by Stephen James under his company banner Stephen James Media Productions - which provides movie, video, and sound production services for clients locally and nationally. In addition, some of the talent at the Agency were actually trained by Stephen, who is a highly-accomplished voice coach with individual and corporate clients around the USA as well as overseas and who was award "Louisiana's favorite voice coach" in a poll conducted by "Backstage" magazine.


Please take a moment to review the demos by clicking the appropriate tags at the top of this page.


We will be pleased to take your call personally at (225) 408-9857 or email us at and we will do everything we can to ensure you a fast and efficient service.


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