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          ISDN/SC = has ISDN and/or SOURCE CONNECT Standard or above

Jeff Maxfield head shot.jpg
Featured Talent: Jeff Maxfield

Versatile broadcaster and voice-over talent Jeff Maxfield, originally from New Hampshire, is the latest talent to be welcomed at NOVA. Listen to his blockbuster demo by clicking the play arrow at right.


Andy Field_Headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Andy Field - Natchitoches, LA.


Bill Capo - Metairie, LA.


Billy O'Connell - New Orleans, LA. SAG-AFTRA                   Origin: New Jersey

Daniel Hopkins - Hammond, LA.

Ernest Robertson Jr. - Metairie, LA.

Jack Quarles_headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Jack Quarles - New Orleans, LA.

Jared Foreman - Riverside, LA.

Jim Embry_headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Jim Embry  - New Orleans, LA.

Patrick Bennett_headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Patrick Bennett- Covington, LA.


Peter Jaymes - New Orleans, LA.


Scott Lemonier - New Orleans, LA

TIm Connor_Headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Tim Conner- New Orleans, LA.

Ben Barbin_Headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Ben Barbin- Covington, LA.


Billy Kay- New Orleans, LA.

Charles Burchell_Headshot2020_NOVA.JPG

Charles Burchell - Baton Rouge, LA Origin: New Orleans

[DaveBrannen]_headshot2020_NOVA (1).jpg

Dave Brannen - Mandeville, LA.


George Trahanis - New Orleans, LA.

SAG-AFTRA    ISDN/SC     Origin: New York

Jacques Pourciau - Baton Rouge, LA.

Jeff Maxfield head shot.jpg

Jeff Maxfield  - New Orleans, LA.

ISDN/SC   Origin: New Hampshire


Joseph Burns - Hammond, LA.

ISDN/SC              Origin: Michigan

Patrick Bonin_headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Patrick Bonin- Houma, LA.


Scotty Drake - Baker, LA.

Stewart Odom_Headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Stewart Odom- New Orleans, LA.


Troy Glorioso_Headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Troy Glorioso- Hammond, LA.


Joey Bennett 2.0.jpg

Joey Bennett - Biloxi, MS.

                     Origin: Kentucky

Jon Andrew_headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Jon Andrew - Hattiesburg, MS.

Mitch Bauman_Headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Mitch Bauman - Biloxi, MS

Patrick Conn_Headshot_2020.jpg

Patrick Conn - Biloxi, MS.

Dylan Jefferson - Jackson, MS.

John Ridgeway - Headshot2020 - NOVA.JPG

John Ridgeway - Hattiesburg, MS.

Origin: Tennessee

Jwan Jordan_Headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Jwan Jordan - Biloxi, MS

Richard Louis_Headshot2020)_NOVA.jpg

Richard Louis - Diamondhead, MS.

Robert Granlund - Diamondhead, MS.

SAG-AFTRA                               Origin: New Jersey

Stephen James_Headshot2020_NOVA.jpg

Stephen James - Biloxi, MS.

Origin: Birmingham, England.

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