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FAQ Clients

How does my company book Talent through NOVA?

It couldn't be simpler. Just email or call us on (225) 408-9857 and we will get your requirements in process right away.

If you have already decided which talent you require, from listening to the demos on the Talent Demo pages, please indicate the name of your selected preference in your enquiry.

What are NOVA's booking conditions?

A complete outline of booking conditions are published at Booking Conditions. These may be subject to change and updated at any time so please check back periodically.

How soon may I book Talent?

Literally as soon as you like! While as much advance notice as possible is preferable, we realize that the industry occasionally requires Talent at the last minute. If so, we will do our best to find you the appropriate voice even at short notice.

Just email or call us on (225) 408-9857 and mark your request "URGENT". We will get back to you immediately to discuss how best we can meet your requirements.

Does NOVA also provide production services?

YES. the Agency is able to provide full editing and production services through our sister company, Stephen James Media Productions. Whether you have a PowerPoint presentation you want to be converted to a video with voice-over, a full-blown corporate or training video, an E-learning production, or even a video or feature film, we are able to more than need your requirements, wherever you are in the world.


Please email or call (225) 408-9857

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